What The Grammy’s Can Teach You About Email Marketing Segmentation

(photo courtesy: www.cbs.com all access; screenshot from my computer)

I haven’t really sat down to watch The Grammy’s in a few years but this year I was intrigued based on some of the artist I love were nominated and performing — so it was a no-brainer.

As the awards were being presented, my business mind started to take over (as an entrepreneur or business owner, sometimes you can’t help it lol) and I noticed that categories were a lot like segments when it comes to email marketing.

As the night went on, I saw it even more and thought this could be valuable to share with my community.

The Grammy’s can teach you a lot about Email Marketing but specifically Segmentation. Here are 3 takeaways from your email list:

1). Segmentation helps you create more engagement with your subscribers: by utilizing specific criteria to put subscribers into a segment, it allows you to connect with them even further. Bruno Mars is a great example of this. He was in 6 different categories (i.e. segments) yesterday. From Album of the Year to Best R&B Album, Bruno was nominated for many awards last night but he had to meet specific criteria (i.e. votes, sales, and whatever else the Recording Academy is measured on) to win. It’s the same way with segmentation. In order to engage with your subscribers, so they can “win” in their business, you need to set the specific criteria that they meet.

2). Segmentation helps you market more of your products or services: the advertisements last night on The Grammy’s were amazing. I look forward to those just like the ones for the Superbowl. What was extremely refreshing last night was that majority of the ads were based on Artist in certain categories (i.e. segments) but this not only helps the academy (i.e. your email list) but also consumers interested in these products or services. The Animoji & Homepod ads by Apple were genius. The Grammy’s knew certain segments on their list are iPhone users and probably have the new iPhone X. By positioning the right things to the right people within the right segments, your consumers will always be curious to try out or purchase your products & services.

3). Segmentation helps you generate more sales: segmentation allows you to present specific content to certain subscribers on your email list. This shows you understand what these individuals needs and how your products or services can help those pain points. When your subscribers feel valued they feel more inclined to know, like, and trust you enough to purchase. The Grammy’s showed a great example of this. The artist who left without an award still has the distinction of being a “Grammy-nominated” artist. This can still generate sales overall for the academy just by having some of these artists on their compilation album (pictured above), which they can promote to specific segments on their list who have shown peak interest in the nominees (if that is one of their segments).

The Grammy’s can teach you a lot about email marketing — specifically segmentation. Trust me, Blue Ivy gets it.

All of the different categories (i.e. segments) can show you how to truly focus on providing specific content for your subscribers to show more engagement, marketing your products, and generating more sales for your business.

The Grammy’s were definitely all up & down my timeline yesterday so it was important to explain how it could help you take your segments to the next level in your business.

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