#TechTipTuesday: Professionalism vs. Personalism (The Email Address Debate)

Professional email address versus a personal email address in business is like the old age debate of wine versus whiskey. When you think about where your business currently is and where you want to go, does your email address reflect it? Yes, I understand when you are first starting out this cost and process might seem overwhelming. I further understand that when you’re rebranding, you might not have even considered this because things have been working “fine” just the way they are. The fact that we are in a mobile society should prepare your communication with your consumers at the highest level. On today’s blog, I’m discussing 3 facts or myth when it comes to a professional or personal email address:

  1. Professional Email Myth: “Professional email addresses seem very costly. I’m not sure if I can fit this into my budget for this month or quarter”. This is DEFINITELY a myth and here’s why. When you buy lunch everyday whether you work a 9–5 or you’re an entrepreneur, you spend on average between $6–7 per lunch per day. If you estimate this for a month that has 30 days in it, that’s on average $150-$175 per week (i’m not including weekends just business days). Google Apps for work is $5.00 per month per seat license (if you don’t need storage; $10.00 per month per seat license if you do). If you need 2 seat licenses at $5.00 per month, that $10.00. You’ve spent than in a matter of a day or a day in a half. Definitely a myth.
  2. Personal Email Fact: “I’m trying to grow my business and separate my addresses. I know the investment will pay off in the long run”. DEFINITELY a FACT. I’m saying this from a place of love and also being a consumer (although i’m an entrepreneur): NO one wants to connect with someone who has any of the following email addresses: thedashchick@gmail.com, krissykardashian87@yahoo.com, igothehookup@aol.com, etc. Take some pride in your email address and your business. If you really want to collaborate, connect, and gain partnerships/sponsorships, a person email address won’t cut it. Leaving your personal email address for family and friends is fine but connecting with businesses, not a good look. Making the investment now will pay off later. Definitely a fact.
  3. Professional Email Myth: “Who has the time to add an email address to there inbox while being mobile. I’m not TECHnical™ enough to add it and I probably could be missing out on emails while on the go”. DEFINITELY a myth. Majority of the domain email address have access to apps and simplified instructions to add it to your mobile device regardless your level of TECHnology™. At the same time, the way our society is setup means you have accessibility to great content, tutorials, and experts like myself who can help with this process. Don’t put this off just because there might be a learning curve with it. Make the investment into a course, a video tutorial, or an expert who can help you set this up. Definitely a myth.

With June (and Quarter 2) coming to a close, it’s time to take things to the next level in your business. Do you want to keep playing this small with your personal email address? or are you ready to go to the next level with a professional one? This small change can have a big impact on you and your community. It’s time to level up. I always send out awesome content upgrades to my email list for learning purposes. Please feel free to provide me with your email address to receive it.

TECHnically Yours™,


Where Data + Sports + Tech meet. I help athletes connect with their fans using text marketing & data. @superphone Brand Ambassador. texttheblacktechie.com

Where Data + Sports + Tech meet. I help athletes connect with their fans using text marketing & data. @superphone Brand Ambassador. texttheblacktechie.com