An Open Letter to the Basecamp Team

Before it was time for my regular afternoon nap, I scrolled on Twitter to see a statement from Jason Fried, CEO/Co-Founder at Basecamp, about some of the changes that were being made. You can read the article below.

As I begin to read through the announcement, I thought internal changes would have meant some changes to their products or team but what I read is something I never saw coming. There are many things I want to point out but let me focus on what sticks out the most.

The first directional change…

An Open Letter to Tech Companies: George Floyd — One Year Later

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One year ago today, George Perry Floyd Jr. was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 2020 was rough for Black people especially with the murders of so many Black people at the hands of police.

The two-year-old version of myself

Today, I woke up to greet the age of 37.

I know a lot of folks might be like “that’s still young” and others might say “girl, you’re getting up there” but truth be told I feel like I’m on the right path to becoming the best version of myself.

I’ve learned a lot thus far in my 30’s and for today’s birthday edition, I want to share the quote that is defining this chapter in my life.

Paulo Coelho is one of my FAVORITE authors and this quote I’m about to share truly sums up my life:

“Remember your…

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and it was the best thing ever!

The word for my 2018 is INTENTION. I literally want to be intentional about every single thing in my personal and professional life. To kick things off in my professional life, I took a major risk that I didn’t necessarily see coming but knew was needed.

During the last few weeks of 2017, I sent some emails to various segmentations on my list with the topic: “New Year, New List”. It basically was about me deleting my ENTIRE list — and I wasn’t kidding.

How a one-way trip 6 years ago began a new season in my life

6 years ago on today (which was also a Sunday), I packed up my car, told my mom, dad, & family I loved them, and left my hometown (Baltimore, MD) to the next chapter of my life & dreams. Not realizing what would lie ahead, I was excited for what this new journey would bring. There are many lessons that stick out since I’ve been in Atlanta but I’m going to share the top 6 that still hold true.

  1. Change is uncomfortable but it’s needed for…

Professional email address versus a personal email address in business is like the old age debate of wine versus whiskey. When you think about where your business currently is and where you want to go, does your email address reflect it? Yes, I understand when you are first starting out this cost and process might seem overwhelming. I further understand that when you’re rebranding, you might not have even considered this because things have been working “fine” just the way they are. The fact that we are in a mobile society should prepare your communication with your consumers at the…

We’re gathered here today to honor someone I thought was a friend. Someone I thought was helping me out all along. Someone I would have gone to bat for in my business life. “Free Consults” was right by my side during my entrepreneurial journey from the beginning stages and beyond BUT after some time I realized she was hurting our relationship more than helping.

See, “Free Consults” and I had been friends for about 6 months and I hold myself accountable for what I allowed. I allowed her to use my intellect to engage with new people before even signing…

Entrepreneurship has been a fun journey for me thus far. I’ve been one (unofficially) since the fall of 2013 yet on paper since 2014. I didn’t really start taking myself seriously until 2015. At the same time, I’ve learned many lessons along the way. Quarter 1, I came out swinging. I’ve done some major rebranding, redefining, and acknowledging of my true services for my brand. At the same time, the lessons I learned along the way proved valuable for me. Here are the 3 biggest lessons learned in entrepreneurship for me during quarter one:

1. I didn’t forecast for business…

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