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5 things Marvel Studios can teach you about your email marketing strategy

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Truth moment: I have yet to see the movie Black Panther (but I am planning on doing so within the next week — no judgment please thanks! lol) but when they announced the movie was coming last year, I started paying attention to the way they were marketing the movie.

It became very evident that Black Panther is its own case study when it comes to marketing (email marketing included). It set the trend on how marketing should be in 2018 and beyond.

The way Black Panther was marketed to consumers is a similar formula you can utilize to create an amazing email marketing strategy when it comes to your business.

Here are 5 things that you can learn from Marvel Studios and how you can build a loyal tribe, community, and audience via your email list…

  1. Marvel Studios knew the audience for Black Panther: You have to know who’s in your audience, what do they do, what they are in need of at the moment, and how can you become their go-to resource. This is truly important from an email marketing perspective and was definitely evident with Black Panther. They knew their target audience, how they would get their message across, and then some. It’s one of the reasons they were truly successful in their marketing and the same can happen for your email list.
  2. Marvel Studios had a powerful lead magnet for Black Panther: Lead Magnets don’t have to be your typical checklist, ebooks, masterclasses, webinars, audio programs, and then some. It could be something video related too…..like a trailer. The trailers Marvel Studios used to show consumers Black Panther was coming to theaters soon was their lead magnet. Additionally, they had something that all lead magnets should have: a call-to-action. After the trailer was seen, Marvel Studios gave you several call-to-actions: signup to find out what Black Panther hits theaters, pre-order tickets now, and so forth. When it comes to your email list, you need a powerful lead magnet that captures your communities attention and shows you are the go-to resource when it comes to solving their pain points in their business/life. It’s the whole point of having a lead magnet for your list and BMarvel Studios did that. So can you!
  3. Marvel Studios follow-up game was strong: When you think about the follow-up when it came to Black Panther, it was strong for sure. Once Marvel Studios received your information, they were able to let you know about things after you saw the trailer (i.e. their lead magnet) to prepare you for the movie (i.e. collector’s items, the 3D movie version, etc.). Your follow-up game with your list has to be strong. After someone signs up for your email list, you definitely need to engage with them and really focus on nurturing that relationship instantly.
  4. Marvel Studios increased engagement closer to the launch of the movie: During the College Football Championship, Marvel Studios released a new trailer for Black Panther. They also released another one during the Superbowl commercials that took everyone’s breath away. They kept increasing the engagement and hype around the movie until it officially premiered on February 16th, 2018. What this did was create an even more personal bond with consumers and you can have the same effect on your email list. When it’s time for you to launch your newest product or service, consider utilizing Marvel Studios formula. This formula will allow you to have consumers engaged and so excited about your launch that majority of them will be inclined to purchase.
  5. Marvel Studios turned their fans not only buyers but into a tribe: The phenomenon of Black Panther swept the world. From Thailand to Atlanta, it became a cultural moment in time. A new movement was born just from this movie alone. Many people have gone to see the movie on an average of 3 times, purchased any collector’s items (we talked about in tip #3), followed the actors/actresses in the movie & purchased their branded products, and more because they wanted to be able to remember this moment in time. When building a tribe and community for your business, your email list can have the same effects as Black Panther. You can turn your consumers not only into buyers but also make them apart of your village as long as you addressing the needs that they have.

If you follow tips #1-#5, you will definitely make a statement and standout when it comes to your email list.

Marvel Studios can teach you a lot of things when it comes to marketing because they had a hell of a strategy when it came to Black Panther.

It’s something that you want to think about when it comes to your email marketing list and strategy for your business.

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