The two-year-old version of myself

Today, I woke up to greet the age of 37.

I know a lot of folks might be like “that’s still young” and others might say “girl, you’re getting up there” but truth be told I feel like I’m on the right path to becoming the best version of myself.

and it was the best thing ever!

The word for my 2018 is INTENTION. I literally want to be intentional about every single thing in my personal and professional life. To kick things off in my professional life, I took a major risk that I didn’t necessarily see coming but knew was needed.

During the last few…

How a one-way trip 6 years ago began a new season in my life

6 years ago on today (which was also a Sunday), I packed up my car, told my mom, dad, & family I loved them, and left my hometown (Baltimore, MD) to the next chapter of my…

Kris Smith, MBA | TheBlackTechie™

Where Data + Sports + Tech meet. I help athletes connect with their fans using text marketing & data. @superphone Brand Ambassador.

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